Wednesday, 26 June 2013

The Gruberova war is back on-BRING IT!!!

This is it. The armistice has been scooped and destroyed. And I shall not let my guard down against these Grubero-philes who defend bad art and bad singing. 

Remember La Straniera? Guess who's singing it now-Gruberova. In this particularly decrepit performance, Gruberova's awful scoop-scoop-scooooooooooooops, fragmented and fluff-hollow middle voice, horrible intonation, revolting cadenzas and overall bad artistry are clearly audible throughout. Here's the video:

 uploaded by none other than our Gruberovian Queen coloraturafan.

And as you see in the comments section the grubero-fags are either turning a deaf ear to the Gruberovatrocity or are simply in denial that Edita is terrible and needs an egg shower. Even Coloraturafan knows that his Gruberova is awful; he went as far as to block me and another Gruberova gadfly who had posted less-than-positive reviews of this demonstration. He is just paranoid that one day the cotton bubble surrounding Edita Gruberova shall unravel, exposing her to be the clown she is.

Pay attention to MegaOperafreak-a Grubero-fag who has previously attacked Alexandrina Pendatchanska's 2001 Straniera in favour of Gruberova's (the very Gruberova in which there's already a scoop ten seconds in!!). Criticising Cecilia Bartoli's recent Norma (with Sumi Jo; although it's not perfect, it's still decent) in favour of Gruberova's (the Casta Diva alone suffocated as if she were singing with a pillow in her throat-even though she was singing the higher version!). This one here epitomises the sheer stanism of Edita's followers.

Oddly, this reminds me of the Netrebko-Callas-Dessay wars of late 2009-early 2010-the only difference is that I am not a mediator, I am staunchly anti-Gruberova and pro-Belcanto (as opposed to Gruberova's blind followers who have not the slightest idea about the bel canto method whatsoever).

any last words? BRING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

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