Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Back on the Scene

Yes, I have returned to the scene, and better than ever!

And yes, I have been on hiatus because of seizures, I had an exceedingly scary grand mal which got me whisked away t the E.R. where I remained until 6/05; what they had shot me full of there had gotten to me so I was essentially bedridden, I did not return to my energetic old self until the 6/13. The nurse assigned to me wanted to do my EEG; however, Lucia objected as I was all so high-strung that I would descend into a melt down and damage the machinery, and that I have had countless EEG's done in the past and they never revealed anything. So she gave me a dose of I-don't-know-what (the basic rule of Nursing 101-if you have absolutely no idea of what to do: live by the syringe, die by the syringe), but despite me feeling very tired it worked, (almost) no more seizures.
As a result, I have started on this new "Antiseizure" diet which reduces the seizures severity and frequency (have not had one since 6/08); this means that I do not have to constantly worry about falling down hard on the floor, extremely annoying if it happens to me this much-and that I can return back to the blogosphere.

Lucrezia got an i-Pad (they're taking over the earth!!!) that we've been obsessed with; she's been all talk lately about getting a twitter account. She has been so obsessed that if as much as an unsuspecting drop of di-hydrogen monoxide even vaguely graze the surface of her vital device, she will let out a shrill and piercing Shriek, and will not settle until the entire screen has been vigorously scrubbed with means of her choice. However, she still lets us use it (albeit under her strict watch), and hasn't been too uptight if I tap a tad too fiercely or if Lucia sets it near the sink (but let water touch it? Arrivederci, mia cara Lucia!).

(And did I tell you Annabelle is now visiting her mother in Ulsan?)

Maxwell van Simionato
On the Nineteenth of June, 2013

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  1. At least you don't binge on your antiseizure diet :)

    I have been binging and binging; why, I binged all through February, sporadically in March, and already twice this month! So much for binge free April...good luck to you (and I hope you don't binge! Binge monster is out for us all hehehe)