Monday, 28 January 2013

An entire week seizure free

Hard to believe, but it's true-an entire week devoid of seizure activity. 

I have no idea how it happened, but it's as if the attacks went away as if they saw a ghost. 

Lucia and Lucrezia were astonished as well. I have been extremely energetic and have never felt better before. It's as if I have never had a seizure before. I have been this way since the 14th!

On the 12th a grand mal seizure came out of nowhere, and I was very agitated. Two other seizures came afterward, which meant that I was bedridden on the 13th and for a part of the 14th. I had to resort to biting the back of my right hand to ward off any impending meltdowns. But on the 15th I immediately felt much better, I was basically all over our house with an abundance of energy. I have been like this ever since. 

And not a single seizure!

And it gets even better-Lucia got us tickets to see Pendatchanska in Verdi's Eboli (Don Carlos) on the 27th-Pendy is a soprano, but she is here singing a mezzosoprano role, Eboli. (Gruberova could never.) I shall have to wait and see how she does!! That has been on my mind since last month when I looked at her upcoming season.


Friday, 25 January 2013

Your fav could never


A Gruberova stan dared to attack Pendatchanska's interpretation of Elektra/Elettra (of Mozart's Idomeneo) merely because Pendy decided to add an extended High C almost three minutes in. He paid no attention to Penda's drama, her ferocity, her vocal stability that his Asthmadita Scooperova could only dream of, and her stimulating vibrato on the very High C that he called "ridiculous". 

This from the one who stans for a clown who suffocates through even the simplest of lines, cannot project at ALL in low/middle vocal register, and scoops all her high notes! But oh, she is a 'legend' now! Ah, the delusions!!!

Wake up! This is reality! And in reality, YOUR FAV COULD NEVER!!! BRAVA PENDATCHANSKA!!!!!!

Monday, 21 January 2013

Face it-Edita Gruberova is going nowhere

Apologies to the Gruberovian Queens who did nothing to cause me to attack. 

This is for ilNuovoArchaeOpteryx. 

A Youtuber who refers to Joyce Didonato and Jennifer Larmore as true "assoluta" singers (and they are indeed very versatile but do not have the range of an Assoluta) yet goes around on Edita Gruberova videos praising her and even saying:

"I want to hear Pendatchanska sing that aria at 66."

As if age had anything to do with good singing. Yes, a singer's voice peaks in its 30's through early 50's, but that in and of itself makes not a great singer. What makes a great singer is the way one sings a role. At the time Pendatchanska made her debut as Elisabetta, she was 27, still young but with some experience. She was powerful, her vibrato in "Va, la morte" and the final "Quel sangue versato" stimulating, support in the low tones (most notably the Bb in act II), and an immense musicality seen no where else besides Callas and Marisa Galvany.

And even after that ferocious singing at a very young age, she is still going strong at 42, recently singing Eboli in Spain (couldn't attend due to seizures :( I heard she was fabulous!). 

However, just look at that pathetic Edita Gruberova. Her "voice"-or what's left of it-is steadily decaying, a la Natalie Dessay if not worse. Her recent performance of "Anna Bolena's Ice Cream Parlour" in 2012 was a mess-she didn't even attempt the low notes anymore, each note above Bb5 was scooped so hard I held my ears and couldn't listen anymore. Gruberova has taken a dive headfirst into a deep black pit of vocal decline, and there is no escape. Only one solution-retirement.

So which is the better Elisabetta? A 66 year old vocal ridicule who can hardly scoop out notes anymore, or a 27 year old vocal extraordinaire who brings out the drama in one of Donizetti's heroines?

You decide.