Friday, 25 January 2013

Your fav could never


A Gruberova stan dared to attack Pendatchanska's interpretation of Elektra/Elettra (of Mozart's Idomeneo) merely because Pendy decided to add an extended High C almost three minutes in. He paid no attention to Penda's drama, her ferocity, her vocal stability that his Asthmadita Scooperova could only dream of, and her stimulating vibrato on the very High C that he called "ridiculous". 

This from the one who stans for a clown who suffocates through even the simplest of lines, cannot project at ALL in low/middle vocal register, and scoops all her high notes! But oh, she is a 'legend' now! Ah, the delusions!!!

Wake up! This is reality! And in reality, YOUR FAV COULD NEVER!!! BRAVA PENDATCHANSKA!!!!!!

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