Sunday, 17 February 2013

I have returned

Yes, I have returned from Oviedo-with both good news and bad news.

I shall start with the bad first, because it leads to the good.

Remember that week-long seizure-free streak? It has come to an end. Within about 5 MINUTES after we checked in to our hotel I was on the ground in a grand mal seizure. Apparently it was a bad one, because I woke up in a hospital. Lucia and Annabelle were at my side for the entire rest of that day, while Lucrezia went to see PEND. 

Yep, I missed seeing Pendatchanska.

But then comes the good part: Lucrezia told me all about Pend's low register and how it carried all the way to where she sat, and about her Vibrato and how it gave chills down her spine. 

I wished that I could have been there.

So after that we stayed in Oviedo for a few days, and we returned on the 9th. 

And I had a seizure on the returning flight.

Fortunately it stopped shortly before we landed. I was agitated after the event, but that frustration was short-lived and I got over it quickly. 

If anyone went to see Pendatchanska on the 2nd-please provide more insight!