Monday, 28 January 2013

An entire week seizure free

Hard to believe, but it's true-an entire week devoid of seizure activity. 

I have no idea how it happened, but it's as if the attacks went away as if they saw a ghost. 

Lucia and Lucrezia were astonished as well. I have been extremely energetic and have never felt better before. It's as if I have never had a seizure before. I have been this way since the 14th!

On the 12th a grand mal seizure came out of nowhere, and I was very agitated. Two other seizures came afterward, which meant that I was bedridden on the 13th and for a part of the 14th. I had to resort to biting the back of my right hand to ward off any impending meltdowns. But on the 15th I immediately felt much better, I was basically all over our house with an abundance of energy. I have been like this ever since. 

And not a single seizure!

And it gets even better-Lucia got us tickets to see Pendatchanska in Verdi's Eboli (Don Carlos) on the 27th-Pendy is a soprano, but she is here singing a mezzosoprano role, Eboli. (Gruberova could never.) I shall have to wait and see how she does!! That has been on my mind since last month when I looked at her upcoming season.


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