Monday, 17 December 2012

Seizures as far as the eyes can see


3 of them, two of them over 60 minutes long.

The shortest (a complex partial/myoclonic) and second longest (grand mal of course) occurred within seconds. The stand-alone one was a tonic-clonic-tonic seizure (these are now my most common ones) and I vomited both times. I was lucky not to have any huge meltdowns, I had little energy, I only got a little agitated by the phlegm and vomit that spewed from my mouth during and after the seizures. This happened yesterday as well.

When they were finished, the shaking in my right leg increased. I drooled a lot. I need rest.

Lucrezia (she's a newbie, Annabelle's intern) got freaked out by the long scary grand mals and ended up running away, she could not watch (scared much? :)) and Lucia had my head on her lap (not to mention the fact she got spewed on) while the seizure(s) happened so I would not hit my head (we don't need more seizures now, do we?)

After the last seizure I was (hopefully) back to normal. Minor meltdown occurred when I got a bit overloaded at a Christmas gathering we attended (it was over quickly). Now I am energetic and SHALL. NOT. SLEEP (I fear nocturnal seizures) and also I am listening to Liszt (while holding my favourite sensory toys of course!) and his Dante Symphony.

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