Sunday, 23 December 2012

EEG went well!! Oh yeah, and Galvany.

SO I went for my EEG exam today.

It was extremely fortunate that I had read many positive experiances (especially the one at Facing Autism) with EEGs and autistics. These I used as inspiration to get me through the exam without incident.

It worked!

Normally I would be pulling at the monitors and caterwauling like a banshee attempting to get away. Then about 10 or so (because I am 2.1m tall and infantile autistic) would have to hold me down so I could not run away, and it would have turned into a meltdown with a flurry of SIB.

But not this time. Equipped with a stim toy (and Galvany's rendition of Medea) I went in. Although I was caterwauling softly the entire time, I sat still (aside from mild partial seizures that caused me to twitch uncontrollably) and was almost completely calm during the process. Lucrezia stood wide-eyed and pointing, as though in disbelief. 

So-a round of thanks to Harold and Conor at Facing Autism, as well as to the supersoprano Marisa Galvany and her astounding range. If not for the aforementioned, I could not have made it.

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